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Let’s Get Political


good-will-triumph-over-evilI never expected to put anything political on here because I’m one of the few who likes to keep that sort of thing private. Many of you may not know this, but I’m kind of a political junkie. I’ve often considered running for office, but chose instead to move my life into a different direction.

My social media feeds are filled with hate and judgment regarding the election. I’ve sat and watched a lot of name calling and I’ve seen people’s Christianity and/or character be attacked because they are voting for one or the other.

Guess what? If you vote for Hillary, I don’t think it makes you “not a Christian” and if you vote for Trump, I don’t think it means you’re “uneducated and ignorant.”

The right to vote is powerful. And we forget that because of the circus that is in the media. I fear that the media (liberal or not) causes far more problems in our country than we realize. Everyone has an agenda. Don’t ever forget that. We can claim “fair and balanced” news but really, that is hard (almost impossible) to come by.

I’ve seen people say they don’t like either candidate so they aren’t going to cast a vote. That makes me angry. Do you know how many people fought for your right to vote? For you to throw that away and sit home make me sick and sad.

I’ve seen people say that they’re leaving America if one candidate wins. If this is your attitude, I kind of think you should just pack your bags and go now, even before the ballots are in. America is so much more than who is in the White House.

I’ve seen a lot of people who want to support a third party. They don’t like Hillary and they don’t like Trump, so they’re supporting a different party or writing someone in. If your conscience tells you that’s what you should do, then I don’t begrudge you that. My opinion though, for what it’s worth, is that until we have a true 3 party kind of system where there are 3 solid candidates who have a legitimate shot and are included in the debates, etc., I would never do it. We all know at the end of the day either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be elected. If you don’t like either of them, I think looking past the presidency to the vice presidency is a great plan.

If you’re still undecided, that’s fine. Do some research. If you don’t like either candidate, look to their VP choices. Are you comfortable with either of them being President should something happen? Look toward the Supreme Court. This is what I am basing my vote on this year.

If we elect Donald Trump or if we elect Hillary Clinton…they could have 4 years in office and be gone. But the Supreme Court Justice(s) that get appointed, and at least 1 will…their average length of service is 16 years, with some service much longer. This is huge, y’all! I implore you at this point to think long and hard about that. Where do you stand when it comes to things like abortion, gun control, healthcare, and immigration? Consider that when you vote, and remember that the candidate who takes office will have a hand in shaping those things for the future simply based on the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice.

Are you happy with the way the last 8 years have gone? I’m not. I see one candidate who promises more of the same, but on steroids. The other is a loose cannon, I’ll give you that, but has a history of surrounding himself with highly successful people who are good at their jobs.

Some of us are going to be very upset later today. There will be words said that shouldn’t. You may get into a political argument with a loved one or co-worker. And that makes me sad. Sad because in the end, we know the outcome of ALL OF THIS. In the end, good will triumph over evil. And I’m not talking about at the polls.

God is so much bigger than a political race. He can handle this. Regardless of who takes the oath, I beg you to PRAY for that person. Even if it isn’t who you voted for. Even if they make your stomach turn. Even if you secretly are one of the people researching a move to Canada or Brazil. Pray for the person who is elected and for our country. No President can heal our country. Only God can do that. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that our country needs some major healing.



New Book! Head Back to Amish Country in Kelly’s Charm!

Seasons of Charm SpringSo I’ve been keeping a secret. A pretty big secret.

My readers know that I took some time off from writing to fall in love and get married… (shout out to my super supportive husband, Johnny!)

Several months ago, I signed a new contract with Guideposts, but the first of those books won’t release for many more months.

In the meantime, I thought it was time for some new material from me! So I’m thrilled to announce that today (premiere day for Love Finds You in Charm!) the first novella in the Seasons of Charm Novella Collection is available to pre-order!

Kelly’s Charm will officially release on June 25, but you can order now and it will go straight to your Kindle on the 25th. There will be 3 more in the series that will release over the next few months!

I loved revisiting the characters of Emma and Noah–and especially loved giving Kelly Bennett her very own story.

I love novellas–they are perfect short reads for summer! I am so excited about this collection! I think you’ll love visiting Charm in each of the seasons.

Here’s a little blurb about Kelly’s Charm:

Spring is in full bloom in Charm, Ohio, but will love bloom there for Kelly Bennett?

Two years ago, Kelly Bennett fled her fast-paced life for picturesque Charm, Ohio. She and her Amish best friend, Emma (Miller) Weaver, operate a growing part-time business, and she lives and works at her Aunt Irene’s bed and breakfast. When she learns that Aunt Irene plans to sell the inn and travel the world, Kelly has some hard choices to make. Should she leave the comforts of Charm and take a job offer in New York?

Jason Thompson knows a good opportunity when he sees one. When he learns of an inn going up for sale in the heart of Amish country, he can’t pass it up. But the innkeeper’s beautiful niece stands in the way of Jason’s deal. Does Jason possess the charm to win Kelly’s trust? Or will her past hurts come back to haunt her–and put him out of business?

I’m hopeful my readers will enjoy revisiting some previous characters and locations. And in case you can’t tell from the cover, there’s even a cute dog in the story–and his name is Charm!

Pre-order your copy of Kelly’s Charm today! (Kindle only.. .if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read on any of the Kindle apps for phones, tablets or computer–all you need is a free Amazon account!)


5 Reasons to Watch Love Finds You in Charm on UPTv

Charm Movie Tie In CoverSo it’s no secret–we are all pretty excited about the premiere of Love Finds You in Charm on June 7 on the UP Network. The process of watching my novel become a movie has been an exciting one.

But just in case you need some convincing to tune in, here are 5 reasons you should at least set your DVR to record the premiere!

1. There are a lot of movies/TV/books out today that are NOT family-friendly and certainly not faith-based. By supporting Love Finds You in Charm, you can help show the industry that there is an audience for stories the whole family can enjoy together–and stories where the character’s faith in God sees them through.

2. The movie is visually stunning. Seriously. The backdrop of Amish country in the fall made for some beautiful scenes. Director Terry Cunningham had such a vision for this film and I think the quality rivals any big screen epic.

Courtesy of the UP Network.

3. The actors are so talented. Danielle Chuchran and Trevor Donovan perfectly capture Emma and Noah and I think my readers will be happy with their portrayals.

4. There are moments of humor as well as moments of drama. I really think there is something for everyone in this movie!

5. Um…it’s my acting debut! HA. My husband, Johnny, and I are in a scene with Drew Fuller and Danielle. (Andy and Emma). I even say a line. Okay–it started out a line, but was cut to a word…but still! I’m totally expecting an Emmy. (KIDDING. I think I’ll stick with writing–but being IN a movie was pretty cool!)

Before shooting my cameo in the movie.
Before shooting my cameo in the movie.

There you have it! I hope you’ll tune in to UPTv on Sunday, June 7 at 7 Eastern. We will be live Tweeting during the premiere using #LoveCharmMovie. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you watch!

Love Finds You in Charm Ohio

Tales from the Movie Set

Charm Movie Set
Copies of Charm on set–I signed them for cast and crew
Filming my cameo in the movie!
Filming my cameo in the movie!

When I learned Love Finds You in Charm was going to be a movie, I couldn’t quite believe it. In this business, there are a lot of things that “may” happen and never do. I only told those closest to me, for fear the whole thing would fall through. But one day in early October, I finally spoke to the producer of the movie. He was on location and set to begin filming the following week. And I had an open invitation to visit the set. I was elated! My husband and I rearranged our schedules and headed to Sugarcreek, Ohio. We were on set for about half of the three-week shoot–we went at the beginning and again at the end. What an experience!

Watching a scene in progress.
Watching a scene in progress.

The first time I saw a scene and watched the characters come to life, I was very emotional. For so long, those characters lived with me, in my head–and suddenly here the were! Dressed like I’d imagined and saying the things I’d created. It was totally surreal.

Our view as we watched a scene unfold with the director and  producer.
Our view as we watched a scene unfold with the director and producer.

Johnny and I had such fun, wearing headsets and listening right along with the director and producer. We enjoyed spending time with the cast and crew–all wonderful people and so dedicated to their work. Overall, it was one of the most exciting and definitely coolest experiences of my life. Johnny and I got to do a cameo and getting to say a line in a real movie was such a treat! I’ll post some tidbits from behind the scenes over the next few months leading up to the movie’s release. It premieres June 7 on the UP Network!   For a sneak peek, check out this teaser trailer: