4 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. Hello,
    My name is Snezhana but I go by Zhana. I just wanted to tell you that I read your book called ‘A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, South Carolina’ and absolutely loved it. One part in the book were you mentioned some verses from the Bible are now close to my heart. Thank you so much. Keep doing what your doing and God Bless You.



  2. Annalisa,
    Thank you for giving me hope. I have been struggling with finding that person. I’m 26 now and know my husband is out there, but it can be very hard being alone. I was so moved by your bio and how open you are. I don’t know you but I’m thanking God.



  3. Just watched the movie Love finds you in Charm, Ohio and such an amazing movie I now am buying all your books(hoping they are on kindle). I just loved the movie so much I need to read more. I love that it was a classy family friendly movie about love also…Can’t wait to read some more of your work.


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