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Fall Down, Go Boo

So Miss USA (from Tennessee) had a pretty bad time at Monday night’s Miss Universe Pageant. By now pretty much everyone in the world with TV or Internet access has seen her infamous fall during the evening gown competition.

But it sounds like her bad experience started long before she fell. Earlier in the week, she was booed during the “Parade of Nations” as she represented Tennessee/the USA in an Elvis suit. Booed not because she was ugly. But because she was from the USA.

Now I am probably one of the most patriotic people you’ll ever meet. I get teary-eyed during the National Anthem, no matter how poorly sung. And I also have pretty strong political views, which I’m going to try not to go into too much. (for those I need to start a new blog entitled “I am an angry white woman” or something like that) So I am going to try and be nice as I write this.

Most news outlets are saying that Miss USA was booed because of the Immigration Laws here. Interesting, because aren’t there at least 12 MILLION illegal immigrants from Mexico living here? Hmmm.

And let me say for the record, I am a fan of immigration. LEGAL immigration. That’s what our country was founded on. Immigrants from all over the world have come here to make better lives for themselves. And I think that’s great.

But don’t boo Miss USA because there may be stricter immigration laws. While she is a representative of USA, she certainly doesn’t have anything to do with immigration. And I can’t help but think that if the pageant were held in USA and an American audience booed someone from another country, it would be a national scandal. The headlines worldwide would blare about “Rude Americans” and such.

Incidentally, when the lovely Miss USA took her unfortunate tumble, she kept her composure. And when she was booed again, this time on national TV, she was very gracious, even speaking Spanish to the crowd.

I guess we can all learn a little about grace under pressure from that.

And to think people say you can’t learn anything from beauty pageants!