About Annalisa

On my wedding day, telling a story to everyone in the Bride room.

I’ve been a storyteller since I could talk (not the lying kind of storyteller, the making up a fictional world kind) and have been writing them down since I could hold a pencil. I used to illustrate my stories and sell them to my family. These days, although I’ve given up the illustrations (you’re welcome), I’m still trying to find an audience for my imaginary worlds.

I live in Arkansas with my husband, Johnny. We were married in October 2013. I wrote 10 marriage proposals in my books before receiving one of my own. He was worth the wait. We have a fledgling farm we’ve named the Honeysuckle Homestead, thanks to the sweetly scented plants that line the dirt road leading to our place. We have a blog about our life as amateur chicken and goat farmers and all the adventures that entails.

Johnny and Me. So fancy. The only day of my life when wearing a tiara was really acceptable...
Johnny and Me. So fancy. The only day of my life when wearing a tiara was really acceptable…

Here are a few additional details you should know about me:

1. I love lists.

2. Traveling is one of my greatest pleasures. I adore seeing new places and just wandering around, sampling the food and taking in the sights. We really, really love to go on cruises!

3. My house is full of books. I can never have too many books. I may have a little book-buying problem, but it’s nothing another set of bookshelves can’t fix.

4. I don’t like to talk to anyone in the morning until I’ve had one cup of coffee. One perfect cup of coffee with creamer and a dash of whipped cream can make all the difference in a good day and a bad one.

5. I love sleeping in, although I don’t do it as often as I used to. One of my greatest guilty pleasures is checking in to a nice hotel and sleeping as late as I want to. Then ordering room service. Pure. Bliss.

6. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with writing.

7. Even though I want to find more balance in my life in 2018, I am also striving to live each day to the fullest. The older I get, the more I am reminded that we are not promised tomorrow. Life is magical and short–and I never again want to feel like I’m too busy to see the beauty in each and every day!

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6 thoughts on “About Annalisa

  1. I am from Stuttgart but lived in Memphis.worked Sears Mid South bldg (1946-got married 1947, moved to Texas l952). Love Texas. Love people from Ark, too. I am very bad at computer, Enjoyed ..Can’t Help Falling In Love,,,also loved Elvis.


  2. What happened to the girl (maybe your sister?) who was sick and placed on life support? I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Lovely wedding pictures of you and your groom. I haven’t read any of your books, but we are new to each other.


  3. Hello there !!!! I love the Amish Mystery Book series, but I have a question. I am currently reading book 7 in the series, and just realized that each book is written by a different author ( ???? ). The story line kind of continues, with the very same characters in each book. I had assumed that one person was authoring the entire series. Can you clear this up for me ? Thanks so much; and again, great books. ( this is the Guidepost series of books ).


    1. Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries, I have just finished the last of 30 books. Wonderful story line. I really wish there were more! Yes, your following Cheryl Cooper the entire series, falling in love and solving mysteries on the way. Nancy Mehl, Tricia Goyer, Elizabeth Ludwig, Elizabeth Adams, Annalisa Daughety, Cara Puttman, and Olivia Newport are the Seven wonderful authors who have come together to create this epic story. My all time favorite, and thanks to my family I own each one. thank you all who wrote these!


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