LFY in Lancaster is on a Bestseller List!

These past weeks have been a blur of craziness. I moved into my new house and started working from home. Now I’m living among boxes and bags and general chaos.

This week I’m at the American Christian Fiction Writers  (ACFW) Conference in St. Louis and lets just say packing was a challenge. Since most of my stuff is still packed up, just finding things to wear that matched was difficult! (so if you’re at ACFW and notice that I look unkempt…I blame the recent move!)

But in the midst of the hectic few weeks, I got some awesome news! Love Finds You in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is #15 on ECPA’s Bestseller List for Christian Fiction.

I checked and double checked and sure enough–my name is really there! Check it out!

Thanks for allowing me to celebrate! Now its back to the conference, where I’ll be meeting with my editors and my agent and soaking up as much writing instruction as possible. Each year that I’ve attended this conference, I’ve left with a renewed fire for writing. I’m already looking forward to getting back home and starting to work on my next project (A Wedding Date in Hot Springs, Arkansas).

Next week I’ll upload some pictures of the progress I’m making on the home renovation. I’m finding that it is the slowest process I’ve ever gone through. 🙂

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