Nothing New Under the Sun

So lately I’ve been noticing that lots of things seem to be coming back around…

First there was the new Indiana Jones movie. I sheepishly admit that I haven’t seen it. The trio of Indy movies are some of my all time favorites. Remember the scene where the girl has “I Love You” on her eyelids while in his history/archaeology class? Love it! In college I always wished I had an Indiana Jones type professor. (but unfortunately, I did not. except for that Italian teacher, but we were actually in Italy, so that doesn’t count. although my friends and I nicknamed him “Adonis” for the summer and I did end up having dinner with him once…but I digress)

Then, the New Kids on the Block reunite. Stop. It. Now. I can’t take the madness. Yes, NKOTB hit their fame just as I was coming of age as a pre-teen. I loved them all, but Donnie the most. And I do have a very sad story about the time I wanted to see them in concert so badly–they were going to be at Six Flags in Atlanta and I happened to be in Atlanta and it just seemed too perfect. And wouldn’t you know, the tickets were sold out. Some friends tried to pull strings at a radio station, but to no avail. So my dear mother drove me out to Six Flags just to see if we could get a glimpse. And there was the tour bus! I tried to get her to rear end it so they’d have to get out, but she refused. And imagine my disappointment when we finally got back to my Aunt’s house to a message that said the radio station had found us 2 tickets. But by then it was too late. So now I’m trying to decide if I should catch a concert this time around. I have several friends who are going to catch the show in Atlanta, so we’ll see if I end up getting a ticket and going.

And finally, the new back to school JCPenney commercial. That reenacts scenes from “The Breakfast Club” (an all time favorite movie) while playing “Don’t You Forget About Me” from the movie soundtrack. Do teens today even know that the scenes in the commercial are from a movie? Probably not. John Hughes–you seriously need to come out of hiding and do more movies, because today’s movies just aren’t on the same level.

Okay. I know, it was a rambling post. But in my defense, it is late and I’m in a rambling kind of mood. 🙂

Song of the week….it was a tough choice. I finally settled on the aforementioned “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. Great song. Great movie. Those were the days.

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