I Love a Good Bargain!

This has really been the week for bargains. And there is nothing I like better than getting a good deal!

First, you have to realize that the U-Haul has already visited my house and taken my earthly possessions to Arkansas. Which means that I’m surrounded by pretty much nothing. Here’s what I kept with me:

  • A box of books (The Ashley Stockingdale series by Kristen Billerbeck, Arkansas and Promise Me Always by Christine Lynxwiler, a Heartsongs Collection–Bayou Brides, the entire Anne George Southern Sisters series, and all 6 Harry Potters, just in case I want to marathon read them before July 21st)
  • Some magazines that need to be read and thrown away before I move
  • Enough outfits to wear each one twice for the rest of my time at work
  • Way too many shoes (I’m ashamed to tell exactly how many pairs)
  • My dog, Arnie, who is currently curled up on a twin size air mattress which he has claimed as his own (after his favorite bedding inadvertently got packed up and sent away)
  • A couch that I’m leaving on the curb in Mobile (and which is doubling as my bed until July 31st)
  • My laptop

So I thought I’d just spend these few weeks reading, writing, and maybe going to the gym and getting some use out of my Y membership.

Unfortunately, when I got back to Mobile Sunday night, after being in Chattanooga for several days, I was unnerved by how quiet and empty the house seemed.

So Monday after work, I went to America’s Thrift Store and found a 20 inch color TV for…$19.96! Seriously! And since I hadn’t cancelled the cable yet, I bought it and plugged it in, only to find that the picture is better than on my other (expensive) TV! YAY!

That was bargain #1. Bargain #2 came yesterday.

I went to Bruno’s after work, thinking I’d pick up a frozen pizza for dinner. (my plan to lose a little weight and log a lot of gym time before I go back to Arkansas is obviously not working out very well…)

Anyway, I get inside and glance at the ad they have posted near the front of the store. It was there that I found my next great bargain of the week–I bought 2 large Red Baron Pizzas for $9.98 and then got an 8 pack of Garlic Bread, a Mrs. Smith’s Apple Cobbler, and a 6 pack of Pepsi product for free! That is a lot of food for a grand total of $10.88!

So of course, I’m tempted to go shopping tomorrow just to see if the bargain fairy is still with me!

One thought on “I Love a Good Bargain!

  1. Wow! You’re my bargain hero. 🙂 Finding a deal is almost addictive, isn’t it? Can’t wait to hear what the Bargain Fairy has in mind for you next. Keep us posted and hope your move goes smoothly!


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