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So I remember watching the wedding of Diana and Charles. I was only 5. I think I either stayed up late or got up early to watch it. But even then I was enthralled by the festivities and the idea that Diana was a real princess.

She was so beautiful and the dress, the carriage, the sheer royalty of it all was such a fairy tale, especially to me, a little girl in Arkansas who would’ve worn a tiara every day if my Mom would’ve let me!

And while through the years, it became obvious that the fairy tale marriage was just a myth, I was still enchanted by Princess Di and her boys.

I remember hearing of her death in 1997. I had just come back from Europe and was camping with some friends for Labor Day. We had been water skiing and just having a great time. Josh’s parents were with us and they had their big camper with a TV and all. Most of us were staying in a tent. Someone came in the tent that Saturday night and said that Princess Diana was dead. I remember thinking at first that it was some kind of joke–maybe a Saturday Night Live skit that they’d seen, and not really the truth.

The next morning, we all watched the news on TV and saw that it was indeed the truth. Of course, during this very sad time, a funny story occurred. The TV announcer kept saying that “Diana was killed by Paparazzi” and Josh turned to his dad and said “Was Paparazzi her ex-boyfriend?” and his dad said “No Son, that’s just a fancy name for photographer.”

To this day, that was one of the funniest conversations I’ve ever heard!

After Diana’s death, I watched the funeral and remember worrying about her boys. They looked so alone as they walked behind her casket. So I’ve always kind of been interested in them and what they were up to.

I was very happy to see the interview this week that they did with Matt Lauer. I have to say that they are both cuties! (maybe I should book a flight to England…)

During the interview, you could see that they are very close to one another and seem pretty well adjusted. Like normal guys. Funny, warm, and maybe a little irreverent. The thing that struck me the most is how involved they both are in humanitarian efforts. It seemed very sincere too, not something they do for photo ops.

Their Mom would be proud.

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