Don’t Forget Your Sunblock!

Yesterday I had to go to the dermatologist to have a mole looked at. Kind of gross thing to write about, I know, but bear with me! My primary physician sent me because she was sure I had a potential skin cancer that needed to be removed. (thankfully I didn’t!)

The dermatologist put on magnifying glasses and scrutinized every skin imperfection he could find. I hate those glasses.

But it made me think–maybe we should stop every now and then and look at our lives through a magnifier. Would we see lots of tiny imperfections? Undoubtedly. Would there be some cancers that need to be removed? Quite possibly.

The doctor told me that you can’t always see everything with the naked eye and that’s why he needs the special glasses. Just like in life. I think sometimes we can convince ourselves that everything is fine, because maybe it is on the surface. We’re on the right path and doing what we should. But if we really examine our lives, there may be some things we need to work on and need to change.

And it might be painful to do, but just as necessary as getting checked for skin cancer.

Thankfully, God provides “life sunblock” in the form of the Bible, which should be our guide for living. And sometimes we may forget to put it on. And that’s usually when we really get burned…

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